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2,500 Jobs available!

Find a job as an American expatriate in France!

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Friends from America, come and share your passion for languages in France with Mômji!


Welcome to France!


You want to discover new things, make new contacts, and are looking for a flexible job in France that allows you to both enrich your resume and enjoy the country's air?


At Mômji, we offer you the opportunity to work with us in complete freedom, thanks to a contract ranging from 5 to 40 hours per week! With a work visa, you can baby sit in a French family, or give English lessons to students of all ages!


As native English speakers, their are plenty of job opportunities in every location in France ! You can work in your mother tongue, and it's well paid! 4,000 job offers are available every year, why not for you?


Ready to join the adventure? 😊


Nanny, the ideal job in France for Americans!


At Mômji, we want to be the actors of a better world, and make daily childcare a privileged and unique moment, both for children and nannies!


We count on the diversity of culture, language, background and nationalities of our nannies to enrich the care, and open them to the world: we need you and our job offers are open to citizens from all over the world ! 😉


Our job offers allow you to choose between three different childcare options, designed to make them grow up with you, mixing pedagogy and creativity, to spend fun and enriching moments of life with them!


Together, let's set off on an adventure!



- Creative childcare, with our unique pedagogy, based on interaction and creation. We train you and provide you with an activity kit, created with the French scientific research center. Throughout the day, you will listen to them and accompany them in the learning of their very first skills!


- Bilingual childcare - Initiation: you like to share and have a lot of stories to tell them? That's a good thing! 😊 Mômji wishes to prepare their future, and offer them, with your help, the opportunity to learn a new language right now. Through activities, games and discussions, you will teach them for example a few words of vocabulary, a few rules of conjugation... the opportunity for you to share your culture and your passions!



Together, let's create new passions!



- Bilingual childcare - immersion: ideal for enriching them on a daily basis, this 100% foreign language babysitting also allows you to work in your mother tongue with ease: you don't need  to speak French!



Together, let's open them up to the world!


In addition, depending on your level of English, you are paid up to 14 euros gross per hour! Enough to easily put some money aside to enjoy your stay in France! 😉



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Together, let's teach them languages!


The benefits of the Mômji community:


- you join a human-sized, mixed and proudly multicultural team! 😊


- as a foreigner, your integration is easier thanks to our Facebook group which includes all our team! Ideal to exchange good tips, share your interests, organize outings, extend your network ... you are also invited to our events: workshops, picnics ... in Paris but also in every location in France! ( Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Marseille ...)


- you benefit from all our partner advantages to facilitate your steps: banks, housing, and get a French mutual insurance company!


- you work in complete freedom: our contracts range from 8 to 40 hours, on the hours you want, according to your availability, your position and your preferences!


- You can prepare your future and even train for your future career with us, by taking our free French and English courses in our premises! You can also become professional and train for various jobs right now by taking freely a French degree in early childhood with us, and obtain a French diploma that will be useful all over the world!


Requirements to work with us :


-be 18 or over


-have a work visa for France


-have a clear criminal record


You don't even need experience or any degree ! 😉


You want to join the adventure? The process is simple : all you need to do is apply by filling out one of our forms, and consult all our job offers to join us:






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