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German speaking Jobs in Paris, France: apply to our jobs for German speakers!

Mômji is a perfect fit for those who speak German looking for German speaking jobs in Paris and in France. For information about our English speaking jobs in France click here. 


About Mômji and our job opportunities for German speakers in Paris, France

German girl

Have you heard that Mômji is the leader in childcare and in giving lessons in foreign languages? 


We are the winners of the 2009 European Innovative Company award. Mômji offers over 1,000 jobs every year to Germans speakers looking for speaking jobs in Paris, France. 


We employ those who are either, native speakers of German or bilingual, to work with us and we are located in six different cities throughout France like Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, etc. 


Looking for a German speaking job in Paris, France?


If you are interested in working for us and are looking for a German speaking job in Paris, France. We offer two types of jobs, babysitting (childcare) and teaching.

Our babysitting  jobs in Paris for German speakers

German tongue

The daily duties of our babysitting and teaching jobs include, picking the child up from school, feeding and bathing, helping the child with their homework, etc.


We also want to find a way to integrate learning the German language whilst having fun and new ways for them to practice their new skills without the feeling of being in a classroom. 


The hours are typically between 4:30 to 7:30PM.

Our teaching jobs for German Speakers in Paris or in other cities

German tongue

We offer teaching jobs in Paris from beginners to experienced German speakers willing to enhance their skills. This service is not just for children but for teenagers and adults as well. Teachers will mainly work between 2 to 8 hours a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Candidates must be 18 years or older and have experience in childcare or the required qualification.


There is no minimum level of French required for this job however, European citizenship or a visa is necessary.

Join in on all of the Benefits in Paris

Join us

When you join Mômji you are not just entering a job but a community. A community of people just like you coming from all over the world. 


What better way to get to know those you work with than attending social events, which we offer monthly i.e. wine and cheese parties and bar gatherings.


We have an induction day twice a year comprising of a day full of activities. We also give our employees complete training and offer benefits like an annual Vélio card.


Not feeling too confident in your French speaking skills? Not a problem. Every week we offer free group French lessons.So if all of this has caught your interest and you’re looking for a German Speaking job in Paris, France join us at Mômji.

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Why choose Mômji?

  • A job near you
  • A regular income
  • Flexible hours
  • A secure contract
  • Pedagogical support
  • Win 100€ for each referral