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2,500 Jobs available!

Discover our job offers designed for Chinese speakers in Paris!

Mômji, your partner in multilingual recruitment, offers a wide range of jobs in Chinese. Among others: Chinese nannies, Chinese Teacher, Chinese sellers, Chinese receptionists, Chinese guides, Chinese translators, Chinese hosts or hostesses and more in Paris.






Various Chinese-speaking jobs available throughout Paris

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Present in the biggest cities of France (Paris,Lyon, Bordeaux...), we are looking for people fluent in Chinese, motivated and wishing to integrate into the French workforce. More than 2,000 jobs are filled each year by Mômji.


Our Chinese job offers are diverse and varied. We offer bilingual jobs or exclusively Chinese language jobs in many sectors in Paris, such as: babysittingteachingsales & retail, tourism, call centers, translation, reception, etc.

We provide regularly a large range of Chinese speaking jobs in Paris, such as Chinese sellers to work in department stores or in luxury stores, Chinese receptionists for hotels, companies or international events, Chinese guides and drivers for sightseeing, Chinese teachers, Chinese nannies and many others.

How can I get this Chinese-speaking job in Paris?

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First, you need to fill certain criterias. In other words, if you speak Chinese and are over 18 years old, looking for a job and you already have experience in a professional environment you are knocking on the right door.


Then it is simple. You just need to fill out our application form and we will take care of the rest.


Once the application form is filled in, our Human Resources team will call you back within a few days in order to talk to you, listen to your needs and what you are looking for, check your Chinese speaking skills and any other skills you have developed in your professional career.


And finally, you will receive by email personalized offers tailored to your profile.

Here is a great opportunity to gain international work experience while integrating into a true international community that will help you meet people and introduce you to French culture.

The benefits of working in Paris with Mômji for our Chinese employees

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Mômji is the largest multilingual community with over 58 000 multilingual talents. Working for us as a Chinese speaker will allow you to benefit from:


  •  Offers adapted to your needs (we offer missions, short term and long term contracts)

  •  An attractive salary

  •  The reimbursement of public transport (at least 50%)

  •  The chance to meet new people through our monthly events (Wine & Cheese parties, Bar Gatherings, International picnics, etc.)

Are you interested in working with Mômji ? We currently offer English speaking jobs in Paris! Among our English jobs in Paris France, you will find nannies jobs in Paris France and au pair jobs in Paris France...






Find a nanny near you!


We offer different childcare all over France, next to your home! Don't hesitate to consult our nanny offers available in your city. Find your nanny in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lille, Nantes, Rennes, Starsbourg, Montpellier...

Why choose Mômji?

  • A job near you
  • A regular income
  • Flexible hours
  • A secure contract
  • Pedagogical support
  • Win 100€ for each referral